The Price of Pickles in Peoria

    We’re not asking the right questions in our flight training.
    We’re not asking the right questions in our written tests. 

    So why are we feigning surprise when we get the results that we do? 

    Sure, we could all be better stick and rudder pilots. But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is we are avoiding the problem, while throwing “assets” and money and more technology at the problem.

    The reason for our poor accident record (which doesn't seem to improve much over time), is not (just) a technical problem. It’s not (just) a mechanical problem. It’s a HUMAN problem. The problem is: US!

    The sooner we get off our collective asses, and attempt to get our collective arms around that problem, the sooner we will start down the path that will produce superior results — and fewer accidents.


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