If I told you that nothing I say is “new,” would you be inclined to read a magazine, check your emails or simply tune me out? Would you mutter to yourself, “Nothing here for me, moving on…”?

    That attraction to “new” is often what causes us to miss the message. 

    In our drive to seek the novel, the unexperienced, the "new," we jump from one thing to the next, uninterested in what we perceive as the mundane, the old hat, the same ‘ol-same ‘ol.

    But when we do that, we’re missing the very point. We need to hear things again and again. Even the things we’ve heard before. Maybe especially those things we heard before. We need to have someone connect the dots for us (often again and again). We need to see old things with new eyes, to look at our ordinary, everyday, repetitive lives from a new, extraordinary perspective. 

     That’s the job of any good teacher, facilitator, or guide. 

    So if you’re attached to learning something “new,” something that you've never heard before, you are going to miss. A lot.



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