Finally. A Real, Live Artful Flying Audiobook!

    It's been a very long slog, but we did it: The Artful Flying Audiobook is finally available ONLINE

    As with any Artful process, this was a difficult challenge to meet. Initially, I thought: How hard could it be to read a 332-page book (that you wrote every word of) into a microphone? How hard could 

    The answer to that is: "You have no idea. It's much harder than you can imagine." But as with any Artful Process, we worked through all the challenges, learned the things along the way that we had no idea we needed to learn, including how to record your voice consistently, almost perfectly, without stumbling across (or missing) a word, getting the breath right when reading, pausing for effect or emphasis, injecting life into the stories, creating sound effects that sound like your intended object, and of course, how to insert the huge finished file into the Great Cloud of Internet Knowledge so that you can find it, hear it with your own ears, and not be locked into Apple or Google's tenacles.

    I also composed original music for the transitions, intros and outros, and those  all-important pauses that allow you to connect the dots  on what is being said.

    Yes, it was a slog. Frustrating at  times. Gratifying, too. But it's done, and I'm really proud of it. My producer, Dusty Rider, a commercial student of mine, who read the book years ago, and listened to the dozens of my recorded audiotracks countless times as he tweaked and edited, says the book's words took on new meanings when read by the author than when he read it. It really "feels" different to me when I listen too, these many years after I wrote the words. 

    I hope you'll download a copy to see that difference for yourself -- even if you've already read the hardcover book.

    So...Enjoy! Let me know what you think of the new work, and how it impacts your Artful life.  


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