It matters not what you fly,
                but how you fly it.





     Make it Artful!

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What if...

    ... there was something more to flying than just getting the aircraft into the air and back to earth without damaging it?

What if...

     ... there was a whole world of that "other," a rich, exciting world, full of discovery and lifelong learning?

What if...

    ... there was much more to flying than what conventional flight training has offered us, a world that exists beyond flight schools that is every bit as magical and amazing as flight itself? 


What would that world look like?


It would look like Artful Flying. 

Capt. Michael Maya Charles

"You have to polish something to make it shine, to banish darkness from shadow. In all human skills, especially those as complex as flying, the polish is practice."
From: Artful Flying, Chapter 10, "The Practice of Flying"